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Join us on Tuesday, October 29th from 9 AM to 5 PM at the iconic TWA Hotel

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Embrace the Future with a Touch of the Past at the TWA Hotel!

Join us on Tuesday, October 29th from 9 AM until 5 PM for an exclusive event at the iconic TWA Hotel, where the charm of yesteryears meets cutting-edge technology. This day is dedicated to immersing you in the world of TracerPlus and ClearStream through captivating demonstrations, alongside our esteemed manufacturing partners showcasing the latest in RFID and barcode hardware and supplies.

Highlights of the Day:

  • TracerPlus and ClearStream Demos: Experience firsthand the power and versatility of our software solutions, designed to streamline your operations with RFID, barcode, and BLE technology.
  • Partner Exhibits: Discover the newest innovations in RFID and barcode hardware from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring you stay ahead of the technological curve.
  • Retro Meets Modern: Relish the unique atmosphere of the TWA Hotel, where the elegance of the past seamlessly blends with the advancements of today.

Don't miss this opportunity to see how the latest technology can revolutionize your business, all while enjoying the nostalgic ambiance of the TWA Hotel. Reserve your spot now and be part of a day that bridges the gap between the timeless charm of the past and the boundless possibilities of the future.

The Event Journey

There shouldn't be any delays as we kick off our event at 9 AM with a brief overview of our flight plan from CEO Brad Horn. We'll swiftly update you on the latest ClearStream and TracerPlus advancements and introduce you to our two new major developments: RTLS for ClearStream and RIA, our brand-new data connectivity tool. Prepare for takeoff into the future of technology!

Real-Time Location Tracking

RTLS is like a flight tracker, giving you the ability to see an item's exact location and movement history in real time; it’s the holy grail of any asset or inventory tracking system. Often marketed by other systems as a feature, customers later find it cost-prohibitive. PTS aims to change this equation with its latest ClearStream release. So, sit back and prepare for takeoff as Howard Heckman pilots you through a demo, starting with the design and ending with a deployment of ClearStream-powered RTLS.

RIA Eases Connection

Just like air travel, connections between software systems can be costly and cause delays. The PTS Cloud now features RIA, a configurable API that eliminates common connectivity hurdles while securing your data stream to any location.

Attendee Discussion

Join us for an interactive discussion designed specifically for leaders in IT and operations. Just as pilots share their knowledge and pointers about planes and technology to ensure smooth and successful flights, we hope you will do the same for your projects.

This session will revolve around best practices in data collection deployments, including RFID, BLE, and barcode technologies. Share your great ideas and your failures while helping your fellow attendees. Engage with your peers, exchange insights, and gather invaluable tips to help guide your projects to success. Your contributions are vital in fostering a community of learning and innovation. Let's work together to ensure everyone reaches their destination successfully.